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Gree Launched Awareness Campaign on Preventive Maintenance

Gree Launched Awareness Campaign on Preventive Maintenance

Gree is a leading global enterprise of Air conditioners, which has now launched a ‘Preventive Maintenance Awareness Campaign’ for its customers all over Pakistan. This successful campaign, launched on 12th November, 2016, brings great benefits for the customers who want to gain an insight into; how to keep your Gree air conditioners in an immaculate condition, and enjoy peak performance from your Gree products.

Through this awareness campaign, technical experts from Gree engaged the consumers to provide them information on important topics, including; Benefits of Preventive Maintenance, Cleaning before packing up a unit or turning on the heating mode, How to avail the services of Gree’s Technical Support Team for thorough maintenance of your AC. The consumers are also provided with detailed ‘Check lists’ of the ‘Service Process’. During service visits, Gree is also giving a ‘Free’ Filter-change Promotional Offer, as a special favor to all its customers. The Gree service team has launched this limited-time offer for only Gree units, to facilitate its customers. However, if any customer simply wants a new air filter, without the need for servicing his Gree AC – the standard charges of filter replacement will apply. The main purpose of this filter is to reinforce the importance & benefits of filter replacement once a year.

Through preventive maintenance of air conditioners, the customers can now learn to save a lot of unnecessary expenditure on repairs and maintenance of their Gree units. Such inspiration for timely maintenance makes Gree the most economical product-range, in the long run, requiring very low maintenance costs.

Gree ensures superior after-sales service for its diverse segments of loyal customers while producing the most reliable air conditioners and its prompt after-sale services provides best performance in Pakistan’s environment and climate.

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