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‘Gree’ highlights deceptive features in cheap Airconditioners

‘Gree’ highlights deceptive features in cheap Airconditioners

Gree is a leading brand of air-conditioners in the world, distributed in Pakistan by DWP Group. Gree has launched a campaign to make the consumers aware of the deceptive features in cheap brands of Airconditioners, stating that; “A cheap inverter AC will cost you more.”

Although there are various brands of Inverter ACs available in the market at varying prices, it is evident that the lower-priced Airconditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance, quality and reliability, which is promised by Gree. The consumers should not get deceived by these low-quality products and their false claims. This awareness campaign encourages the consumers to share some information through social media, about the deceptive features of low-tech ACs. The consumers participating in this campaign can win valuable gifts through a lucky draw held on 30th March, 2016. Through this awareness campaign, the consumers are advised to thoroughly check the features of the airconditioners, especially the quality of the inverter before making a purchase decision. The performance of an AC primarily depends on its cooling capacity. Optimum capacity, optimum cooling.

Higher quality of the compressor and bigger size of the Out-door unit also play a critical role in improving the cooling function. Bigger size, Better cooling. Gree Inverter AC has a powerful Twin-Rotary Compressor with a full 18000 BTU capacity. Its Outdoor unit is upto 20% bigger than the competing products. Its Golden-Fin Condenser is resistant to corrosion and is upto 60% bigger in size, delivering better and faster cooling capacity. The Indoor unit of Gree AC has a quality Evaporator which features additional U-Bends to improve the Heat-transfer process. That is how Gree AC ensures much faster room-cooling, while also saving upto 60% on electricity. The consumers are advised not to go for cheaper priced, low quality ACs, but look for the better more durable Gree products which promise long-term economy and higher performance.

Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable airconditioners, to ensure best performance in the country’s environment and climate. Gree has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers. Gree is committed, never to compromise on the quality of its components. The most important feature of the Gree Inverter AC is its unique electric module, which contains a microprocessor for controlling the unit’s internal temperature. The cutting-edge remote control of Gree ACs has a back-light display and more features to make it more user-friendly.


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