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Gree announced low-prices of Inverter ACs

Gree announced low-prices of Inverter ACs

Gree has created the most reliable inverter air conditioners that are enriched with a special heating-feature to ensure the coziest and safest winter in Pakistan’s climatic conditions and environment. Gree is now offering specially reduced prices on its inverter ACs, to make the consumers more comfortable during winter.


The Gree Inverter AC – 1.5 Ton model, which was previously priced at Rs.74,900/-  is now available at only Rs.69,900/-. The 1 ton AC model previously priced at Rs.56,500/-  is now priced at only Rs. 49,900/-. The older price of the 2 ton model was Rs.98,000/-, which has now been reduced to only Rs. 87,000/-. Moreover, the 0.95 tons Econo-Inverter model was previously priced at Rs.49,900/-, but now it has been reduced to only Rs. 46,900/-. The Econo-Inverter – 1.25 ton model has also been reduced from Rs.62,900/- to a much lower price of Rs.59,900/- only.

“Gree Viola” 1.5 Tons AC – is the most premium category of Gree’s inverter series, boasting high-class performance and lowest electricity consumption. It was previously priced at Rs. 84,900/- and its price has now been reduced to only Rs.78,200/-

Gree inverter series of Air Conditioners is now available at the most economical prices, promised for many months to come. So, it is a dream-come-true for all the customers, to buy their favorite Gree AC at the most affordable prices.

The ‘Heating-Mode in the Gree Inverter AC is a very attractive feature for the consumers, as they will not need to buy a separate Gas-heater for the ongoing winters. Their Gree AC will now serve as a heater and keep them warm throughout winter, without any threats or fire-hazards presented by a conventional, Gas-burning heater. So, Gree can now promise to serve the customers throughout the year, keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

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