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Gree Air Conditioners are safest to use in Heavy Rain!

Gree Air Conditioners are safest to use in Heavy Rain!

Gree is a renowned global brand of innovative and high-quality Air Conditioning technology. As the monsoon rains have already arrived in Pakistan, this season tends to make most electrical-equipment unsafe, as the infrastructure such as buildings, roads and power cables become all wet and drenched, while the electric wirings in many areas remain inundated in rain-water. Identifying this serious threat, Gree has proactively raised the safety standards in its Air conditioners and other products.

Recently, Gree has proudly announced that these latest technological enhancements make its products completely safe to use during heavy rains. The company assures its customers, that heavy rains alone will have no effect on the performance of Gree air conditioners. Gree AC’s Outdoor-units are specifically designed and manufactured with stronger materials that can withstand extreme weather-changes, especially the temperatures variations and shifts from dry hot atmospheric conditions to torrential rains.

Usually, the heavy rain during the monsoon season threatens the safety of the conventional Air Conditioners’ outdoor units as well. Most people become worried that excessive rain water can damage the outdoor units of their ACs. However, when it comes to Gree, the consumers can rest assured that their Gree ACs’ are made completely safe from these threats and myths. In fact, the performance of your Gree AC will improve during rains, as the products will dry-out the inner humidity of your rooms, making the internal atmosphere more pleasant.

Gree units promise the ability to function efficiently in severe climatic conditions and are protected by high quality materials, durable paints and well-secured wiring. However, experts do recommend that the consumers should preferably switch-off their ACs and other heavy electrical equipment during severe climatic conditions like; Floods, Hail Storms & Snow fall. Consumers are advised, never to cover their outdoor units with plastic or air tight sheets, as that will keep the moisture trapped in the AC’s inner parts for a long time, and that will result in corrosion of the components.

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