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Gree AC Heating-Effect for winters in low price

Gree AC Heating-Effect for winters in low price

Gree is a globally leading enterprise of air-conditioners, distributed in the Pakistan market by DWP Group. Due to the dry and chilling winters experienced in Pakistan, Gree has the most reliable series of inverter air conditioners, enriched with heating-effect for winters. It ensures the coziest, comfortable and safe air conditioning to suit the country’s climate and environment.

By keeping in mind the need and high demand of inverter ACs’ for dual season, Gree has just announced that 1.5 ton inverter is now available in Rs69,900/- instead of Rs. 74,900/- and now customers can save up to Rs 5,000/-.

With a dry and often foggy winter approaching Pakistan, the customers tend to purchase heaters, to warm up their homes, whereby Gree’s unique inverter ACs will also heat-up the rooms in winters, besides promising great cooling during summers.

The built-in heater in the inverter air-conditioners performs far better than the conventional gas heaters and traditional burners, which pose serious risks and fire-hazards for the consumers’, threatening their safety and health. With the Gree inverter AC, consumers now get to enjoy fastest cooling and heating.

The Gree Officials stated that, “Gree promises to provide comfortable environment round the year by innovating latest technology”.

Being the pioneer innovator in air-conditioning technology – Gree is committed, never to compromise on the quality of its components. Gree Inverter air-conditioner proves to not only be the most economical product, but also the most user-friendly product, providing its customers with a very comfortable and cozy temperature.

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