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Forthcoming Smart phone By Huawei to offer abundant unique features

Forthcoming Smart phone By Huawei to offer abundant unique features

The infinite fame and recognition being achieved by Huawei is greatly due to the advanced and futuristic technologies it incorporates in its latest prodigies. Every new Huawei smart phone has an abundance of unique and exciting features to offer to its customers, which make Huawei stand out among the rest. Following the dynamic pattern of providing its worthy customers with modern technologies, Huawei has packed its forthcoming Honor smart with a super mighty battery so that the users can fully enjoy futuristic features of this smart phone such as enhanced fingerprint scanner and an appealing rotatable camera.


Soon to be launched smartphone has been reported to adorn an exciting fingerprint scanner which has been integrated in the side panel of the smart phone. This scanner has been manufactured with the latest modern technology, which offers flawless and ultra fast fingerprint recognition, at 360 degree angle in either, wet or dry conditions. This finger print scanner has been customized to perform additional functions, other than finger print scanning. The user can sweep their finger on the scanner and capture a snap instantly, long press to remove the alarm clock or answer a call. Huawei has certainly utilized fingerprint technology to the maximum level and making it more users friendly.

This smart phone has been manufactured with a power packed 3100 mAh battery, backed by power saving technology, it will keep your device running for long hours. The advanced camera of this Honor sibling has been developed perfectly; it can be easily adjusted at 180 degree angle so that a smooth shot can be captured from any angle with a single swipe on the fingerprint scanner.

Huawei has kept keen focus while producing this smart phone and delivered a masterpiece with full metal body and large screen to body ratio. The design of the smart phone body is superbly proportional and it fits the hands smoothly, allowing easy single-hand use of the device. With the rotatable camera, stylish body, amazing fingerprint scanner, fast processor and might battery, we are utterly sure that this Honor phone would become an irresistible deal once it lands on the shelves.


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