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Fog Lights and In-Car Entertainment Top Most In-Demand Features Among Car Buyers In Pakistan

Fog Lights and In-Car Entertainment Top Most In-Demand Features Among Car Buyers In Pakistan

Car makers are investing billions of dollars to add new technologies that, it turns out, are not being utilized by many of the owners of those vehicles, according to a recent report. In fact, the report finds that at least 20% of new-vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technology features measured. When it comes to used cars, which features are likely to make or break a sale? Carmudi, the easiest way to buy and sell your car online, has analyzed data based on hundreds and thousands of global listings uploaded to the company’s car classifieds website to determine the most in-demand features worldwide.

Fog lights are one of the most popular features in Pakistan. 81% of vehicles purchased on Carmudi Pakistan have fog lights, compared to 60% of vehicles in the UAE. This is most likely driven by the need for central & Northern Pakistan in the winter dense fogs when driving actually becomes a nightmare and many highways and ports are closed down for days.In-Car-Visual-Entertainment

In car entertainment is very important in Pakistan. Carmudi revealed that 80% of vehicles sold were iPod/MP3 compatible, which is extremely high when compared with other regions. For a comparison, 45% of vehicles sold in the Philippines are iPod/MP3 compatible My assurances that very few cars are sold with this feature, I would say barely 80pc of the cars are sold with entry level CD players, Only the Toyota Grande is sold with an in build android based entertainment system and very high end versions of the Honda and Toyota have MP3/ iPod compatibility.

Car alarms proved to be popular globally, but not in Pakistan. Only 7% of cars sold on Carmudi Pakistan featured alarms, as compared to 48% in the Philippines and 57% in Indonesia.

Government is pushing to make alarm systems as a standard feature.

Managing Director Carmudi Pakistan, Raja Murad Khan said “Pakistan is still lagging behind the rest of the world and there is little interest in safety features like ABS. Also with rumors of apple working on self-driving, Tesla and other manufacturers coming up with Electric vehicles, I am personally very excited to see where the global landscape goes in 10 years and how quickly Pakistan with catchup on technology. It’s imperative that the popular features become standardized very soon and newer; more exciting things start coming out. I am also very interested to see indigenous technologies coming out of Pakistan soon.”



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