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Fauji Fertilizer Company celebrates its achievements on Annual FFC Day

Fauji Fertilizer Company celebrates its achievements on Annual FFC Day

Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) celebrates “FFC Day” to commemorate laying of foundation stone of its first fertilizer plant at Goth Machhi on 8th March 1979. The celebration aims at sharing the story of successful business run through ethically correct and socially responsible business practices to the benefit of not only our business stakeholders but also for the people of Pakistan.

FFC which started its 38years long journey from a fertilizer plant has three plants now and is today the largest producer of urea in Pakistan with an aggregate urea production capacity of well over 2 million tonnes per annum. FFC fertilizer business has diversified by pioneering into wind energy in Pakistan (FFCEL), entering into banking sector by acquisition of Askari Bank and introducing state of the art food preservation technology (FFnF).

The company has achieved long term credit rating of AA and short term rating of A1+ denoting high credit worthiness and very low expectation of credit risk strengthening the confidence of company’s stakeholders.

FFC has been recognized for professional achievements locally and internationally and became the first Company ever to achieve six consecutive first positions on PSX’s Top 25 company placements.  FFC has been awarded for its business transparency and good corporate governance in South Asia by South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA). In recognition of its  efforts towards community support and sustainable business practices United Nations Global Compact awarded FFC with Business Excellence Award.

In his message on this day Lt Gen Shafqaat Ahmed HI (M) (Retd) CE&MD appreciated the sheer hard work and dedication of previous and present leadership and employees in making FFC a brand for ethical and successful business nationally and internationally.

FFC is much more than a fertilizer company. It is a trustworthy, socially responsible and ethically defined company which looks after the benefits of all stakeholders including the community, he added.

He reiterated his resolve to stand with the Govt and other stakeholders / business partners to support all efforts in supporting the farming community in particular and other stakeholders in general for making an economically strong Pakistan.

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