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Fascinating Huawei Y6 Pro Produces Vibrant Colors & Crystal Clear Display

Fascinating Huawei Y6 Pro Produces Vibrant Colors & Crystal Clear Display


Quality experience of vibrant colors and crystal clear screen display are the most desired traits in a smart phone by the consumers. Huawei, the leading global technology giant, has a tradition to satisfy the customers need well, and in the same regard it has brought high technology smart phone for the consumer market. Here in Pakistan Huawei has recently launched its best flagship smart phone, Huawei Mate 8, which has captured the consumer market energetically. On the medium range end, too, Huawei is going to introduce high technology Huawei Y6 Pro.

Huawei Y6 Pro is fitted with a 5” IPS high definition large screen, 1280×720 pixels resolution, with the 292 PPI. This classically awesome combination produces clearer display and quality experience to the eyes. Content Adaptive Backlight Control (CACB) is another edge in Y6 Pro display that gives highly appropriate brightness to the images and control the display in a fashion that in turn make one enjoy best visuals. Ultimate and perfectly vibrant colors in Y6 Pro will certainly be the reason for the customers’ inclination towards the smart phone.

Adding to this is the larger screen to body ratio, which is 75%, in Huawei Y6 Pro that gives larger proportion of the screen to enjoy the video clips, images, gaming and internet surfing. Larger screen to body ratio has also become a norm of Huawei production. Smart phones, high technology devices, say tablets, or the future laptops by Huawei all probably will be known for the common trait of larger and clearer screen display.

Huawei Y6 Pro is expected to be available soon in the Pakistani market with best of its display and vibrant color distinctions. Consumer pool of Huawei here in Pakistan is enlarging with an accelerated pace mainly due to the fact that Huawei has been consistent in its focus to the customer demands and company’s vision to advance in technology products through innovations. And in this way Huawei becomes a brand for the market for providing most advanced technology and innovative ideas and best affordable prices.

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