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EcoStar launches smartest 32 inches LED TV

EcoStar launches smartest 32 inches LED TV

A unique brand of electronics and a leading producer of LED Televisions with exceptional hi-tech brilliance, EcoStar has launched 32 inches LED TV, with a chic and elegant design most suited to the aspiring customers’ living environs.

Equipped with Boom Box and cutting-edge technology, the slim, sleek and an artful EcoStar 32 inches LED leaves viewers spellbound with its powerful sound effects which inundate with the feelings of sound roar.

EcoStar TV sound bar/sound strip at front bottom ushers the sensation of ultimate adventure due to its premium and unmatched sound quality. A unique and pleasing sound makes it an exceptional product, most suited to the living areas and bedrooms in any household.

The aesthetics of design which contains front speakers and a powerful sound bar/strip at the bottom of the screen would make the beholder fly in imagination with theater or cinematic feel.

It offers spectacular HD quality, closest to natural colors and sharp pictures without a blur. It delivers both dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use bringing the HD content without compression during data transmission.

EcoStar’s powerful DynaCon Technology makes picture clearer and closer to nature. This latest and unique technology increases the dynamic ratio of the black color, giving a depth to the picture in real sense of the word.

As one of the all-time successful models of EcoStar LEDs to suit every need of customers, it is really a hi-tech work of genius offering much more in one TV. It promises to add value with its unique sound feature and affordable price. Customers will experience a great picture with no compromises. Its silky design and impeccable technology takes entertainment at its best.

DWP Group is a leading provider of products, service and solutions in the field of Consumer Electronics & Technology. Highly reliable products with cutting-edge technology position DWP Group to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers nationwide. EcoStar- a brand name of quality and technological excellence carries the legacy of DWP Group.


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