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EcoStar announces discounted prices for 4K UHD LEDs

EcoStar announces discounted prices for 4K UHD LEDs

EcoStar – a nationwide brand of electronics which reflects technological excellence and innovation, has recently announced big discounts on the prices of its 4k UHD LED’s. The consumers who want to buy their LED televisions can take great advantage from this special offer, to buy a wide range of world-class quality and cutting-edge feature-rich EcoStar 4K UHD LED TVs, at unbelievably low prices.

During this discount offer, EcoStar’s 55UD925 is available at a discounted price of Rs. 89,000 only, instead of Rs. 97,000. Similarly, 55UD919 is available at Rs. 69,900 only, instead of Rs. 75,900. EcoStar’s 49UD920 is also available at Rs. 79,900, instead of Rs. 94,900. These 4K UHD LEDs’ are truly a perfect blend of aesthetics with quality, and are available all over the Pakistan market in various sizes from 43’’ to 65’’.

The EcoStar VERO 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) gives a picture with 4 times more detail than Full HD. The viewers can now enjoy the ultimate 4K experience of sharp contrast with deep black richness and bright white which makes picture livelier.  Best adaption Resolution (3840*2160) makes an unmatched picture quality. EcoStar 4K pixels count with help of excellent resolution & wider screen creates desire of being drawn into image more deeply with high class colors and contrast resulting into terrifically amazing picture.

Equipped with an Android Operating System, the television gives you the freedom to explore a world of high quality content, games and applications online, through the web, e-mail and chat. More than 40 pre-loaded Apps like; Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, I-Quran, Chrome Web Browser, Angry Birds, etc are also easily available. With the Android Market Application, you can also download 2.4M more apps from the Web including 3D content.



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