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DWP Group holds ‘Gree Power and Product Launch Show’ in Lahore

DWP Group holds ‘Gree Power and Product Launch Show’ in Lahore

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The official distributor and brand partner of Gree Air conditioners Pakistan – DWP Group recently held a vibrant launch/unveiling ceremony of Gree Refrigerators first time ever in Pakistan at the PC hotel in Lahore. The ceremony was titled; The Gree Power Show.

The primary objective of this colorful event was to unveil the most advanced lineup of refrigerators, while showcasing the innovative technologies and solutions from GREE, that have a positive impact in raising the quality of life for the consumers in the society.

The vast network of Gree-dealers was invited from across the nation to give them an insightful briefing and introducing them to the new categories of high quality products. The latest range of Refrigerators are enriched with; European quality compressors and the most reliable R600a.

These products are created with the most modern Italian designs, making them a piece of art, to make them look beautiful, while delivering the best functionality and performance. These products are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and designs, reflecting the aesthetic appeal of the Gree brand.

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