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DotTechNet would add to its family a new member, R V Hotel, Lahore

DotTechNet would add to its family a new member, R V Hotel, Lahore

Dot LogoDotTechNet is a company based in Lahore, dealing in Security Cameras and other IT related gadgets. The foundation of this company was laid down by Mr. Asif Mughal and his brother Mr. Kashif Mughal and they have been working for the past four years, providing quality services to their customers with very minimum complaint rate.

Recently DotTechNet has entered into an agreement of providing Security Cameras and related IT equipment to all R V Hotels. Mr.Kashif M.D. of R V Hotels expressed his strong confidence on DotTechNet and also shared his views about his Hotels; he said “We have aimed to establish such hotels which would provide homely comfort to their customers.” He also said, “By entering into agreement with DotTechNet, we want to give top-level security to our customers during their stay in our Hotels.”

R V Hotels are a chain of hotels located throughout Pakistan and are a big emerging group of businessmen. DotTechNet and R V Hotels would continue to be affiliated, with R V Hotel being a respectable client of DotTechNet.

DotTechNet offer a wide range of security cameras and IT related gadgets. The Security Cameras range from 3.6mm to 15mm with high manufacturing standards. DotTechNet’s products meet the International Standards of perfection and quality. They also provide Thumb-print scanners, bio-metric machines, metal detector, walk-through gate, telephone exchange and many other exclusive IT products.

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