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Dengue Again After Winter

Dengue Again After Winter

Continuing to do its part earnestly, Warid Telecom yet again takes another step towards well being of society. Dengue caused enough of the damage already and the threat of its reappearing after winter season is something very alarming. In this regard Warid Telecom recently organized a massive awareness campaign, aimed at helping communities to be more prepared in fighting smartly against Dengue. Adopting unique approach towards engaging communities, over 300 young leaders were trained to volunteer for the cause Including both Warid staff members and students ofGovernmentCollegefor Boys, Gulberg Lahore.

Dr. Prof Tariq Salahudin, the principle doctor of general hospital, Dr. Shabbir Agha of GeneralHospital, Dr. Haroon Ihsan, CEO NUR Foundation and other renowned experts trained volunteers group. An amazing technique of making effective Mosquito Trap at home was also shared with group. 1000 free traps were also distributed, mainly in the less privileged areas of Lahore where people are generally not able to afford the mosquito repellents and electric mats.

This effectual drive is not just helping local communities to learn and be more prepared in fighting smartly against Dengue but it also helps them learn an easy way to develop an effective mosquito trap at home by using daily house use items.

Spread The Word; volunteer for the cause to combat against Dengue:


Mosquito Trap Making Method 

Items Required:

  1. 2000ml (2 liter) bottle
  2. 50 gram (brown sugar)
  3. 1 gram yeast
  4. Thermometer
  5. Measure cup
  6. Knife
  7. Black paper

Preparation Method: It is just a mix of water, brown sugar and yeast.

1. Cut a plastic bottle in half, keep both parts. Can be Coca Cola / Pepsi  bottle.
2. Take the lower portion of the bottle. Dissolve the brown sugar in hot water. Let it cool down to ~70 deg
3. Add the yeast. Carbon dioxide will form (This will attract the mosquitoes)
4. Cover the bottle with a dark wrap and place the top portion upside down like a funnel. Place it in a corner in your house.



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