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Decisive Moment for Pakistan’s Businesses to Adopt Big Data and Internet of Things

Decisive Moment for Pakistan’s Businesses to Adopt Big Data and Internet of Things

Digital Transformation is Leading Topic for Pakistan Leaders at GITEX

This is the decisive moment for Pakistan’s organizations to adopt Big Data and Internet of Things solutions to drive business and economic competitiveness, one of the world’s leading digital transformation enablers, SAP, announced today at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

GITEX is one of the world’s largest technology events, with over 100,000 visitors and 4,000 exhibitors – including Pakistan’s leading business executives, technology futurists, and startup entrepreneurs.

The biggest topic of discussion here is the urgency facing global organizations in embracing digital transformation. Every industry vertical is looking to embrace emerging technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

Digital leaders expect 23 percent more growth by 2019, and already have 85 percent of market share and 80 percent of profitability versus competitors. However, while 84 percent of organizations say that digital transformation is critical, only 3 percent have completed digital transformation, according to the new SAP and Oxford Economics Digital Transformation Executive Study.

“Pakistan’s digital leaders already have a head start in the constantly-evolving Digital Economy. This is the decisive moment for all of Pakistan’s organizations to undergo digital transformation, and harness the power of Big Data and analytics, Internet of Things, and digital skills. Pakistan’s CIOs need to treat digital transformation as an all-encompassing and knowledge-sharing business imperative to disrupt the competitive landscape, said Gergi Abboud, Managing Director, Gulf, North Africa, Pakistan, and Levant at the digital transformation enabler SAP.

Across the wider Middle East and North Africa, more than three-quarters of digital-leading organizations will invest in Big Data and Internet of Things in 2018. The Internet of Things has the highest current investment, at 76 percent, though it will be supplanted by Big Data and analytics in 2018, with 82 percent, according to the survey. The majority (58 percent) of digital leaders add that digital skills investment is the most important profit growth driver in 2018.

Internet of Things and Smart CitiesTransform Daily Lives

Pakistan’s digital-leading organizations have gotten off to a head start by investing in innovative products and services – especially the “Big 3” of Big Data and analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things.

“At GITEX, SAP is enabling Pakistan’s organizations to adopt emerging Internet of Things innovations to transform daily lives and key sectors such as mega-events, aviation, real estate, and hospitality. Collaboration between the public and private sector will exchange best practices and enable Pakistan’s to embrace innovations to drive business competitiveness and support economic growth,” said Saquib Ahmad, Country Manager, SAP Pakistan.

Visitors from Pakistan are experiencing the future of Internet of Things technology:

In mega-events, the SAP “Smart Hajj” concept can significantly enhance the journey experience for millions of pilgrims. Organizers can use real-time analytics based on monitoring bracelets, bus GPS locations, and video and environmental data to ensure pilgrims have a seamless end-to-end experience, from the airport to the Holy Sites. The technology can enable organizers to optimize transport, immigration and digital payment processes, while simultaneously promoting crowd safety.

In Smart Cities, governments can harness the power of spatial innovations — satellites in the sky and sensors on the ground — to better manage urban life. Industry experts agree that “running live” is vital.

Live Airport” solutions can help plan trips, enhance security, personalize shopping. “Live Real Estate”, powered by blockchain, can enhance the tenancy process from the building survey, through contract leasing and building management. “Live Hospitality” solutions can deliver a seamless end-to-end visitor experience, including targeted marketing, virtual tours, and business dashboards.


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