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Comparison between Huawei Y6 & Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

Comparison between Huawei Y6 & Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

In November, 2015 Huawei has launched incredible smart phones of all ranges, low to mid to high range. These smart phones are available at competitive prices and the features wrapped in them are worth it. Recently launched, mid ranged smart phone of Huawei, Y6 possesses unique stylish design. This 3G smart phone, brings with it a consortium of amazing features, superbly functional with the help of latest Android lollipop operating system, which is supported by Huawei’s very own user friendly EMUI 3.1.

This smart phone, since its launch has proven to be a tough competition to rival competitor mid range smart phones, like Samsung galaxy core prime. Huawei’s Y6 doesn’t only features a big screen in comparison to Core prime, it has abundant other extraordinary specs as well, available in the same price range.

Let’s explore and compare these two devices, i.e. Y6 and Core Prime, simultaneously.

Structure & Design:

Huawei has crafted Y6 with utter uniqueness and style, Core prime on the other hand does also carry a slim and sleek body, but it looks as if we have seen it before. Whereas, Huawei has given Y6 a beautifully patterned body which has compact, mid frame and micro pattern on both the sides of the device. In terms of weight, Y6 does weigh slightly more than core prime, Y6 is of 155g whereas core prime is of 138g.

Y6’s back cover carries the primary camera on the top right corner with flash light beneath it and the front camera is fitted adjacent to the ear piece. In core prime, the rear camera is in the top middle of the back with a flashlight to its one side and the speakers on the other. Huawei Y6 has got an edge over core prime here. With Y6’s speakers at the bottom, the sound produced by it, particularly during calls, would be louder and clearer than Core prime, especially when the device would be placed on a table etc. Both these smart phones carry full touch screen. The core prime carries its power on/off key on its right side and volume keys on the left. Whereas in Y6, both the power and volume keys are on the right panel of the smart phone.

Display Screen:

The façade smart phones play a major role in the fine execution of the working of its inner machinery. Huawei has given Y6 a 5.0 inch large, high definition, IPS full touch screen and Samsung’s Core prime has a 4.5 inch large, WGVA, full touch screen to flaunt. The screen resolutions of Y6 are 1280X720 with 294ppi whereas Core prime possesses 480X800 resolutions with 207ppi, which means the images, videos; etc exhibited on the screen of Y6 would certainly be more colorful, vivid and lively. Huawei has designed Y6 with large screen-to-body ratio, which would deliver to its users more enlarged viewing experience. Huawei has developed the screen with an edgeless design, making the screen, appear as if it is merged with the BM area, on close observation.

OS, Processor & Storage:

Y6 has been packed with the latest Android, v5. 1 lollipop operating system, whereas core prime has Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Additional to the 5.1 lollipop, Y6 also carries Huawei’s latest Emotion 3.1 user interface which has been now made more advanced and user friendly by the developers, your device’s themes etc can be customized according to your preference and used with perfect ease.

The CPU integrated in Y6 is Qualcomm MSM 8909, 1.1 GHz Quad core, whereas in Core prime is Qualcomm MSM 8916 1.2 GHz Quad core. These powerful processors of these smart phones are supported by 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, in both these smart phones whereas the Y6’s memory can be upgraded to 32 GB and in Core prime it can be upgraded to 64 GB, with MicroSDcard. Both these smart phones have very useful apps already stored in them and even more can be downloaded from Google store and the performance of these devices are also fairly at par with each other.


Now let’s talk about the camera of these two smart phones. Huawei has equipped Y6 with 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, whereas, Core prime has 5MP rear and 2MP front. Now here again, Y6 takes the lead by providing a more powerful camera than core prime, in the same price range. This thing is of importance because many users, while searching among smart phones, prefer big screen and powerful camera is economical price range, and both these factors have been taken care of by Huawei, through its Y6 smart phone. Both these smart phones carry a flashlight with their cameras, and pictures can be captured in the dark or in low light. Huawei has enabled its prodigy Y6 to capture fairly amazing and bright pictures and videos, which can be further enhanced with the help of features like perfect Selfie and beautification feature etc.


Now the power talk, Huawei’s Y6 has been produced with a more power packed battery than core prime. Huawei has fitted a 2200 mAh battery in Y6 whereas Core prime has a 2000 mAh battery.  This certainly means that Y6 would last longer and perform much better than core prime. With the help of the power saving technology, Y6 would be charged more speedily and won’t bug you for repeated charging, during a day full of work. So, here again points are added in Huawei Y6’s favor because the energy house of a phone is not something which can be looked over while purchasing a smart phone.


Both these 3G, Dual SIM smart phones lie in the same price range, Huawei’s Y6 is available for Rs. 14, 900 and Rs. 14,500. Although core prime is slightly lower in price than Y6 but the big, wonderfully colored screen, a powerful battery and super quality camera of Y6 in comparison to Core prime cannot be ignored.

So, if you are looking to purchase a mid range smart phone with enlarged display and long lasting performance, than Y6 is the choice for you.

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