Reporter PK Introduces a New and Improved Website Introduces a New and Improved Website

Cheetay has proved to be an undeniable force in the logistics industry in Lahore since the past two years. They have been providing the masses with not only the food of their choice from over 300 restaurants but now also provide a vast assortment of OTC medicines since launching a new business category called Cheetay Healthcare. Having conquered the world of food delivery and logistics with a multitude of restaurants on their platform they recently introduced The Cheetay Tiffin which again provides home cooked healthy meals to anyone in need. Moreover, they are gearing up to launch another vertical called Cheetah Books.

Being a multi category e-Commerce platform, they have upgraded their website interface by incorporating ample options to browse seamlessly through every page and the new categories that have been launched. The new website is visually resplendent and provides a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality which allows the customers to see and navigate through the website and its multi category pages.

The basic premise to change the interface was to rebrand the website by incorporating visuals and colours which not only create an alluring brand image but an e-Commerce experience that resonates with the user. We wanted the website to have a vibrant and opulently rich colour palette by focusing on the new colours of our brand. Moreover, for us it was imperative to have a crisp, clean and uncluttered design which focuses and propels the audience to use our service” stated Wasia Suhail Bashir, Product & Brand Manager at

Adapting and evolving as the market grows is their motto as their main purpose is to stay relevant, relatable and offer a platform that provides convenience and that it easy to use.

We are constantly working to ensure we bring something new to the table. For us being eclectic, contemporary and having a nonchalant image is important. The idea is to have a website that is vibrant, easy to use and has features that provides a feast for the senses. Visuals that strike a chord with audience are imperative. The colour palette, theme and display of every minor detail matters and that is why we have upgraded our website to ensure we keep up with the changing market trends and customer preferences” stated Ahmed Khan, CEO of

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