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Cheetay Introducing a New Business Category: Cheetay Healthcare

Cheetay Introducing a New Business Category: Cheetay Healthcare is a major player in the domain of delivery and logistics in Lahore. Having started from food delivery, we have expanded our business verticals by introducing ‘The Cheetay Tiffin’ and are well on our way to adding multiple categories in our repertoire of services. Healthcare is next in line for us to proliferate the existing e-Commerce market.

According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of, “This is an avenue we wish to pursue because scores of people need medicines immediately. General medication that can be bought without prescription is a staple for most households and is frequently purchased. Our people thrive on convenience and instant gratification, so the idea is to provide OTC (over the counter) medication to our audience in a timely and hassle free manner along with basic healthcare products. Eliminating the need to go to pharmacies makes it convenient for a customer to get a much needed amenity delivered to their doorstep since not all of them have proper inventory. We solve the inventory problem by having multiple vendors on board to ensure maximum coverage and availability. Lastly, we keep track of order history which enables the customer to view their buying patterns which makes it easier.”

Having an e-Commerce platform that provides maximum benefit and order fulfilment is our mantra. Therefore, spearheading into a business vertical which is untapped gives a competitive advantage. The idea is to provide the masses with OTC medication (over the counter medication) which can be attained without a doctor’s prescription, on an instant basis. We have multiple vendors on board such as CSH Pharmacy, Spencer Pharmacy,, Health Online, etc. who will provide the required medication.

“The process is simple; we’re not keeping a stock or inventory. Our role as an intermediary is to provide the available options which can be delivered to whoever needs medicines urgently. Being a new category, Cheetay Healthcare will have a separate website domain featuring medicines and healthcare products. We’re following Amazon’s model of giving the options of multiple vendors for a given product or brand on our website for a user friendly experience. Moreover, we will have multiple categories and sub-categories for the audience to choose from i.e. Pain Reliever, Allergy, Cough & Cold, Digestive & Nausea, First Aid, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, Personal Health Care, Baby Health Care, etc.” said Mohsin Khan, Category Manager at

With regards to delivery and logistics, there will be two options that the customer can avail. The first option called “Express Delivery” will ensure that the customer gets the order within ninety minutes of placing the order while the second option called “Economy Delivery” gives a delivery time frame of 24-72 hours. Not only can the customer order medicines, they can order a litany of consumer products available with the vendor i.e. grocery items, baby formula, health and beauty products, etc. The website is set to go live on 23rd January 2018 with a brand new logo and a multitude of items which not only include medication but household amenities and a whole lot more.

Our long term objective is to be the market leader in providing pharmaceutical and healthcare products including prescription drugs by creating an automated healthcare marketplace platform which brings doctors and pharmacies in the mix, making it extremely convenient for anyone to order medicines which aren’t easily available. Moreover, we are working to create an intuitive system which will incorporate Patient Records and a Management System which enables Pathological and Radiological testing at home and digital delivery of results.

Convenience of ordering is not confined just to medicines but cosmetics, beauty products, baby care products, therapy rehabilitation equipment and grocery items as well.

Apart from expanding our business operations, our focus now is to be the leading e-Commerce platform that provides basic amenities to our customers. Having a logistics apparatus in place, we are on a mission to revolutionise the industry by creating a multidimensional, customer centric e-Commerce platform which offers ultimate convenience to all.

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