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Cheetay celebrates 2 years of providing services with easy and convenient payment solutions

Cheetay celebrates 2 years of providing services with easy and convenient payment solutions

Cheetay Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd. has reached a momentous milestone as the company celebrates 2 years of providing immaculate logistics services with pragmatic payment solutions to the masses. Staring off with food delivery, the company has expanded and diversified its business operations by making a foray in other realms of e-Commerce.

  • recently launched a new business category called “The Cheetay Tiffin” which provides instant home cooked meals to anyone at home or at work who needs the goodness of a home cooked meal.
  • They launched a new vertical called “Cheetay Healthcare” which provides the masses with OTC medication (over the counter) which can be attained without a doctor’s prescription, on an instant basis from their website.
  • Having recently launched Cheetay Healthcare they are on their way to launching Cheetay Books to make sure people get access to a vast array of books, academic books and stationary items that people need urgently.

They recognise the need for instant gratification, not only for food delivery but a host of other products and household items as well. Identifying the interminable need for instant logistics services, they have spearheaded into business categories which focus on convenience.

Ahmed Khan, CEO of reflected on the 2nd anniversary by saying “We have come a long way from where we started off but this is just the beginning for us. We are aiming to be the biggest e-Commerce player in the country by capitalising on the underlying logistics platform which can serve many different business verticals. The idea is to tag on one vertical after another, not strictly the way amazon does it, but in a more curated way. Each vertical will have a customised offering where the underlying logistics platform will serve as the basis for delivery. We want to build in analytics and payments in the ecosystem so that we’re a one stop shop that provides all services”

Cheetay has managed to expand and grow on an exponential scale by creating departments, spans of management and bringing on-board Senior Managers and Category Managers, Content Writers and Marketing Executives in their repertoire of professionals from LUMS and Lahore School of Economics to bolster their expanding operations. Being a company on the trajectory of growth and expansion, has experienced an overwhelming response to their service. They have restructured their logistics and delivery spread by building a strong team of efficient riders by increasing their fleet of motorbikes, riders, and branded vehicles for instant delivery of orders.

As we grow it is imperative for us to focus on making immaculate standard operating procedures to streamline our customer services and operations. Growth brings with it an array of challenges which need to be dealt with standard day to day operations as you venture into new business verticals and categories. We are ensuring every facet of the organisation is aligned in a holistic manner so that the customer service centre, the riders and the customers are all connected seamlessly” stated Saud Rashid, Operations Manager.

Achievements and Milestones

The company has a slew of achievements under its belt since its inception:

  1. Secured $1.1 million in series A-1 round funding.
  2. Hit over 100,000 likes on Facebook.
  3. Launched both our iOS and Android mobile apps.
  4. Upgraded and rebranded our website.
  5. Teamed up with PepsiCo as our Official Beverages Partner.
  6. Partnered with Foodies Family, a noted Facebook group for food aficionados.
  7. Have more than 300 restaurants on board.
  8. Ventured into a separate business vertical called, Cheetay Healthcare.
  9. Introduced a sub-category called, The Cheetay Tiffin.

According to Ahmed Khan “I’ve been in the e-Commerce business since 2012 and launched the biggest e-Commerce brand in the country (,, etc). What I have learned from my experience is that if you are averse to change, technology is not for you. Paying attention to the underlying needs of the marketplace is our mantra while providing a quality service. We have strictly adhered to our core values and founding beliefs which is why has become a viable company that has grown immensely despite industry behemoths like Foodpanda being omnipresent. I just want to thank the throngs of valuable customers, strategic partners and the massive list of vendors who have helped shape the company into what it is.


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