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Celebrate Eid with the JAZZ ‘Eidi Offer’

Celebrate Eid with the JAZZ ‘Eidi Offer’

Ramazan is a month of sharing, culminating with the joyous celebration of Eid ul Fitr. This Eid, JAZZ aims to make every moment even more special by distributing Eidi amongst its subscribers.

Jazz subscribers stand a chance to win hundreds of free minutes, Diamond rings and a GRAND EIDI of a complete DIAMOND SET, simply by keeping their Jazz SIM in use during the Eid Holidays!

On the first two (2) days of Eid, randomly selected active users of Jazz SIMs will receive a call from Mobilink (0300) and will immediately be eligible for free minutes. All lucky subscribers who receive the call will also immediately become eligible for a luck draw to win DAMAS diamond rings as well as the bumper prize of complete diamond set!

Make this Eid even more special with Jazz, and remember to stay connected!

Terms and Conditions apply. For more info please visit the offer page on our website:

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