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Be Smart & Open Your Savings Accounts’ – ‘Enviro’ Electronics

Be Smart & Open Your Savings Accounts’ – ‘Enviro’ Electronics

Enviro – a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of home appliances, consumer-electronics and power-solutions has recently launched the revolutionary Smart DC Inverter Airconditioner, which puts an end to the misery caused in summers, truly standing by its slogan, ‘Be smart & open your savings account’.

Enviro’s Smart DC Inverter is the ideal choice for consumers wanting the maximum cooling in the minimum price. With the all new Twin Rotary Compressor Technology, the room gets completely chilled regardless of the temperature or low voltage, whereby providing 75% energy savings simultaneously.

Equipped with the Japanese SmartChip Technology, the DC inverter has a 15% quick-cooling capacity and a 4D air-flow technology which provides chilled cooling in a much greater area compared to the conventional airconditioners. Through this vibrant campaign and TVC, the company aims to achieve a stronger brand-image and gain more popularity.

Being a part of the prestigious Ruba-SEZ Group of companies, Enviro is a progressive global enterprise, with a vision to be acknowledged globally as a trustworthy market-leader with a status for excellence in performance. The ergonomically designed, easy-to-use products are tailor-made to meet the needs of the Pakistani households and suit the environment.

All Enviro products come with a valid warranty that is backed by the promise of prompt after-sales service all over Pakistan. For more Information kindly visit their website:

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