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Awareness Seminar Educating Ufone’s Employees on the dangers of breast cancer

Awareness Seminar Educating Ufone’s Employees on the dangers of breast cancer

Ufone recently arranged a seminar for its female employees highlighting the alarming increase in the rate of breast cancer patients in Pakistan.

The seminar was conducted in collaboration with Pink RibbonPakistanand underlined the importance to significantly reduce breast cancer mortality in the country by creating widespread awareness on early detection and increased access to treatment.

Pink Ribbon CampaignPakistanis a project of Women Empowerment Group (WEG). The Campaign aims at imparting awareness about the high danger of breast cancer in Pakistani women.Pakistanhas the highest rate of Breast Cancer amongst all Asian countries and the numbers are alarming as every 9th woman inPakistanis at high risk of getting Breast Cancer at some point in her life, leading to over 40,000 deaths every year.

Ufone, being a socially responsible organization continues to be at the forefront of many health initiatives. Since inception Ufone has taken serious interest in in-house and external CSR projects and over the last few years, has carried out various initiatives related to health care and environmental sustainability. These initiatives have benefited the populace as well as the employees of Ufone simultaneously.

The attendants appreciated the awareness seminar and volunteered to become ambassadors for Pink Ribbon and impart knowledge on the risks attached with breast cancer amongst their families and general public.

On the occasion Moazzam Ali Khan, Head of PR and CSR at Ufone said, “Various issues in our society face major challenges of misconceptions and social stigmas. There is a severe lack of medical facilities and awareness and there is a huge resistance in making people realize the prevalent dangers of breast cancer that can prove fatal for women. It is every organizations duty to fill in this awareness gap and ensure that its employees are provided the relevant information on prevention and treatment options. In the months to come we will be arranging similar seminars in Ufone offices nationwide.”

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