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Asaan Donations Daraz Say” extends support to multiple NGOs in the month of Ramzan

Asaan Donations Daraz Say” extends support to multiple NGOs in the month of Ramzan

Lahore-Daraz partners with multipleNGOs in the country to help collect online donations during the month of Ramzan.  More than 20 different organizationsincluding JDC Foundation, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Indus Hospital and Health Network, Akhuwat Foundation, United Nations Association of Pakistan and Edhi Foundation will be a part of “Asaan Donations Daraz Say” initiative.

The initiative has been launched in the spirit of the holy month and is looking to our partners collect donations for their given objectives spread over education, health and meal providing projects. Along with donating for NGOs, customers will also have access to discounted and bundledZakat, Ration packages, meals and others are the categories from whichthey can choose to support their preferred organizations without Daraz keeping any commission of its own. This enables overseas Pakistani’s as well to contribute through VISA or Mastercard.

Pakistan has been acknowledged previously by World Giving Index and approximately gives around $2 billion in donations every month, the country’s giving nature has been a cornerstone in collecting donations during turbulent times and Daraz is playing its part as well by providing its platform and user base of 5+ million monthly users.

Ammar Hassan, CMO, Daraz Pakistan said, “The organizations we support throughout the year with multiple SKUs provide vital assistance to families and contribute to the progression of multiple communities. By giving them a space on our platform we help them target diversified audiences and ease their process of donations.”

“Last year’s overwhelming response from our customers from Pakistan and overseas helped us collect more than $50,000+ in donations. This year, we aim to surpass last year’s donations for our partners”,he added.

As part of the ongoing efforts to raise donations for these organizations Daraz has pledged to double your donations in which Daraz will “Match the Meals” donated to Rizq, JDC Foundation and Akhuwat Foundation, this will enable the platform to create an increased impact and reach thousands of individuals additionally.

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