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Android Market Passes 200,000 Apps Landmark

Android Market Passes 200,000 Apps Landmark

The ind­ependent Android Market tracking service, AndroLib has released graphs showing that there are now in excess of 200,000 Android applications – a doubling of the total in just two months. In October, Google officially announced the passing of the 100,000 mark, although AndroLib’s figure is still an unoffical tally.

Apple’s App Store is estimated to have around 300,000 applications to download for its entire handheld devices product range. Microsoft’s own app store has just passed 5,000 apps in under two months.

AndroLib also estimates that around 2.5 billion apps have been downloaded so far.

On the web: AndroLib

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Accumulated number of Application and Games in the Android Market

Number of New Applications in Android Market by month

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