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Amid the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World Huawei Ranked among the Top 15

Amid the 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World Huawei Ranked among the Top 15

Recently, a top ranked and highly reputed technology publication has listed Huawei Technologies among the 15 top most innovative companies of the world, in an annual edition. The publication is known as Fast company and has a total of 50 listed companies in its edition. And to be ranked among the top 15 is a symbol of recognition for Huawei, that the company has been performing outstandingly in the past few years. Especially in the year 2015 when, Huawei proudly produced some best selling smart phones, like Huawei Mate S.

In fact the recognition achieved by the leading technology manufacturer, reflects the consistency of affirmative progress of the research and development teams. R&D teams in Huawei have put forth impressive innovative ideas for the customers’ market and has remained equally victorious in bringing the most reliable solutions. Moreover, it is important to note that Huawei has dedicated 45% of its employees for the research and development programs. Consequently, the company stands as the leading global (ICT) technology solution provider, while being the third largest smart phone manufacturer. According to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Huawei is at the top position with respect to the patent filing.

The Research and development budget of Huawei has seen a tremendous increase in the last few years – 30.7 US billion dollars have been expended by the R&D in the span of 10 years. It is strongly believed that Huawei will soon beat the competitors in the market, with its’ accelerated pace of growth and innovation. Customer market, especially in Pakistan, witnessed an overwhelming increase in the growth percentage last year. Recently launched Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei Honor 5X have been welcomed very warmly by the market. Huawei is looking to seize an even larger share of the market.

Globally Huawei has 16 R&D centers and 36 joint ventures across the borders with joint innovation centers. The idea is to bridge the gap between the latest technology and the consumer markets. And certainly, Huawei is on its marks towards this end.

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