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EcoStar launches 55 inch Smart TV – VERO 4K UHD with powerful features

EcoStar launches 55 inch Smart TV – VERO 4K UHD with powerful features

 EcoStar is a global brand of electronics, reflecting technological excellence and innovation. It is the leading producer of LED and Smart Televisions with world-class quality and cutting-edge features. EcoStar has recently launched its latest 55 inch TV – ‘VERO’ featuring 4K UHD. This new TV model CX-55UD925, presents the most powerful features at an affordable price of Rs. Rs.109,000/-only. In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of Ecostar, that ensures nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support, through an extensive network of outlets in all major cities.

The EcoStar VERO 4K UHD resolution gives a picture with 4 times more detail than Full HD. With a large 55 inch screen size, this Smart TV gives sharper images with precise color and contrast. It is also enriched with many android features like; Facebook, You Tube & Netflix videos, call skype and many more. The customers can now enjoy the ultimate 4K experience with deep black richness and amazing clarity. The slim & thin panel of this energy-conserving TV, along with its sleek new base-stand makes it a beautiful addition to your home interior.

The several other feature-rich LED TV models produced by EcoStar include; the 65 inch LED TV, the ‘3D Smart LED TV’, the ‘Smart LED TV’ and the standard ‘LED TV’. EcoStar products have won several international awards, as many consumer surveys prove that each of these products is the best in its own category, offering a wide range of exciting features and spectacular picture quality. The prices of EcoStar LED Televisions are also very competitive, so the consumers get the greatest ‘Value-for-Money’ whenever they purchase these durable televisions. For more details and product specifications, please visit

DWP Group is a leading provider of consumer electronics and technology products, enriched with unmatched services and solutions. It has accumulated great expertise in marketing globally-acclaimed, highly reliable products with cutting-edge technologies created by the world’s best companies and experts.

EcoStar advises the buyers to actually measure the LED screen before purchasing any Television, whereby the consumers are assured that EcoStar never compromises on the screen-size or display-quality. EcoStar’s recent campaign highlighted the deceptive screen-sizes being sold by several generic brands of LED Televisions, as many generic brands of LED TVs do not measure up to the claimed screen-sizes. The campaign shows that many generic TVs claiming to be 40 inches in size, are actually 1 to 2 inches smaller.



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