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3 Unique Features of Lahore Smart City Residential Society

3 Unique Features of Lahore Smart City Residential Society

Lahore is considered as the cultural capital of Pakistan. Multicultural people live here and they enjoy the versatility in heritage and respect other people’s priorities. Lahore is also famous for its architectural places that are the very reason that it attracts many people from other cities as well. 

Lahore is a large cosmopolitan city by any standards and it is fulfilling employment as well as housing needs of millions of people. An important role in fulfilling residents’ needs is housing authorities and societies. The better a housing society is planned, developed and maintained, the more the residents will feel good living there. While there are residential areas on hundreds of square kilometres, very few provide top class living and hardly any of the societies offer any unique features that others may not have thought of. Lahore Smart City has not only met people’s expectations but it has exceeded expectations by providing unique features that would help make residents’ living very delightful.

Lahore Smart City is one of the top options in upcoming residential societies to address ever growing housing needs of Lahoris. While some might think Lahore Smart City is just another housing scheme, well, this is the first of its kind housing scheme in Lahore city. Second after the first such an advanced and eco friendly society was designed, developed and made available for residents of Islamabad. Islamabad loved this new and unique idea and the plots were sold like hot cakes. 

This unique smart city is designed and developed on the idea of smart development, which means the developers will build every facility on the most modern of concepts and technologies. Some key features that are taken special care of in Lahore Smart City are Minute traffic management, Air pollution control, Education facility provisions for our young people. You can easily understand the uniqueness of this residential society with the presence of sensors / Internet of Things (IOT) based designs, Controlled electromagnetic emissions, Smart health, Smart buildings and homes, waste management, water quality management, smart parking and smart street lights, public safety, gas & water leak detection and so any more features.

 Moving towards the last but not the least unique feature of Lahore Smart City is that it is not only comparable to any large scale and world class housing society of Lahore, but it’s actually much better. You can compare it at par with the top real estate option of Lahore, that is, Defence Housing Authority (DHA). DHA is ideally located, so is Lahore Smart City. DHA is very well designed with nice plot sizes divided appropriately in different sectors, so is Lahore Smart City. The list goes on; you will not find Lahore Smart City lagging behind in any unique features that DHA may have to offer.

Lahore Smart City is located right beside the motorway and Lahore bypass. It is as big as 20,000 Kanals as per the current land acquisition numbers and it will definitely grow even further. Lahore Smart City is easily a crown jewel of Lahore real estate market.

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