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­Mobile Advertising agency reported 61% rise in Mobile adverts

­Mobile Advertising agency reported 61% rise in Mobile adverts

­All over the world advertising business is going down and companies are browsing the alternate mean Low Budget high visibility and mobile advertisment is one of the alternate source to adverts the product and sevices in this connection  Mobile advertising agency has conducted a servey and reported a 61% rise in mobile adverts being served across its network during Q2 compared to the first three months of the year. 

During this reporting quarter, a total of 44 markets each delivered monthly traffic exceeding 10 million impressions per month – an increase from 32 markets in Q1. In addition to the large numbers of advertisers in the mobile industry, Q2 also welcomed increased advertiser interest from travel providers such as Malaysia Airlines, and sports brands including Adidas, Puma and the South African player Homeground which took advantage of the World Cup to promote its football related content. TV media and web players such as Google, Yahoo and MSN also increased their mobile advertising campaigns and the auto and banking sectors continued to perform strongly.

In addition to the growth of advertiser interest, BuzzCity also experienced a 25 per cent increase in the number of publishers joining the network.

KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, said, “We are continually working to develop improvements to our system and the significant growth during Q2 is testament to the work we have done to ensure that our advertising network deliver higher ROI for advertisers and greater relevancy for our publishers partners.”

“We have also recently launched a range of new technology platforms – Mobilizer, SDK and the Djuzz Catalogue – which we have developed to ensure advertisers can target consumers more accurately and publishers can develop new revenue channels in order to improve and develop mobile content platforms for consumers. In order for mobile advertising to continue to perform strongly, it is important that new media platforms are generated in line with consumer demand – spending time listening to mobile communities will ensure the mobile industry retains relevancy and grows in profitability.”

Top 20 most active countries in Q2

Country Ad Banners Served Growth
Q1 2010 Q2 2010
Indonesia 2,872,072,670 4,371,305,379 52%
India 1,098,092,028 2,171,124,268 98%
United States 465,239,765 752,404,501 62%
South Africa 357,935,671 591,342,559 65%
Vietnam 72,609,450 271,058,161 273%
Kenya 68,474,384 234,593,267 243%
Canada 238,857,923 202,249,238 -15%
United Kingdom 229,424,686 191,110,177 -17%
Saudi Arabia 162,332,126 177,280,527 9%
Brunei Darussalam 63,065,615 165,975,182 163%
Egypt 69,883,601 165,423,290 137%
Malaysia 116,211,205 158,380,628 36%
Nigeria 125,656,815 152,982,212 22%
Bangladesh 91,530,846 146,918,883 61%
Norway 131,098,999 140,498,054 7%
New Zealand 84,117,456 131,990,775 57%
Romania 64,876,491 129,851,466 100%
Argentina 78,558,094 120,199,035 53%
Mexico 84,499,488 115,266,229 36%
Ghana 13,931,300 104,976,116 654%


The Global Mobile Advertising Index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network including over 2500 publishers across the globe. The findings represent a measure of advertiser demand for mobile internet advertising.


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